Things you should check out – Sept 2019

Great bits of content for you to read, just like your hero Spiderman
Stop web slinging and check out these bits of content

Things you should check out – Sept 2019

If you are interested in marketing, copywriting & creativity, then here are some things I think you will enjoy.

Despite working on a lorry-load of web content for a manufacturer and reading 3 books on personal finance (I am a reading machine!), I still managed to check out all of this stuff. 

A lot of practical ideas to help boost your writing and marketing, but also some reflective stuff too. 


How to Be a Copywriting Genius: The Brilliantly Sneaky Trick You Must Learn

Check this out if you are interested in…getting better at copywriting

On some occasions – but very rarely – some folks will feel that a piece of content “sounds to salesy”. 

I get it.

But there is a very simple reason why it has been written that way. Why not find out for yourself.


Ann Handley on Finding Your Voice on Linkedin

Check this out if you are interested in…boosting your confidence with social media 

Some simple and nice ideas about how to not sound weird or robotic on Linkedin. 


How to Survive Content by Committee

Check this out if you are interested in…the creative process & marketing strategy (i.e. making stuff in a way so it doesn’t suck)

I love working with other people. But I’m sure we’ve all been the victim of a once-loved project being murdered by “too many cooks”. 

So, this blog is for you. It will recognise how awful it is when the number of “stakeholders” turns into double figures. It demonstrates a lack of trust and dilutes anything good into generic, forgettable guff.

Although this blog by the Content Marketing Institute only offers vague ideas rather than practically useful advice (unless you are higher up in command) it feels good to know that we’re not alone.


Kindness as Currency: How Good Deeds Can Benefit Your Local Business

Check this out if you are interested in…SEO & being a nice person (what!?)

I would’ve never expected a piece on SEO to ever talk about lovely acts of human kindness. But here we are – thanks Moz.

Here’s how to return our faith in the human race and maybe even boost our search rankings at the same time.


How to talk about politics constructively

Check this out if you are interested in…having better conversations & social media

This was published a few years ago but came into my inbox recently via the Ideas at newsletter.  

You don’t always have to agree with someone to have a conversation with them. And, it seems we often forget this, especially when on social media. 


And, finally, for a bit of fun…



Check this out if you are interested in…things that make you go “what!?”

Another brill infographic from Delayed Gratification.

Infographic: The weird queries UK embassies have to deal with from Brits abroad from Delayed Gratification, the Slow Journalism magazine.
Click here for zoomable version.


The best books to read at every age, from 1 to 100

Check this out if you are interested in…reading more cool stuff

This ended up in my inbox (somehow?) but it’s a lot of fun. It’s a reading list of book recommendations for every age you reach. 

You can also use this as elaborate way of tricking that friend or colleague into revealing their true age (if you’re evil.)

(BTW – the page you open is NOT a paywall. You just need to click “browse for free”. Yep, it’s weird and annoying, but worth it)

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