Things you should check out – Oct 2019

Copy what this little girl is doing and read some good stuff
Put your feet up and check out these great bits of content

If you are interested in marketing, copywriting & creativity, then here are three pieces of great content I think you will enjoy (and one that’s a gamble):

How consumer needs shape search behaviour and drive intent – Think with Google

You should check this out if you are interested in…marketing strategy and understanding SEO

I’m not a “natural” at technology so I have to work harder to wrap my head around the technical elements of successful marketing. I highly recommend this series by Google. 

I like this piece as it is a great reminder to not stray away from the fundamental stuff;just because technology is new, doesn’t mean that “marketing” is new. 

You can sum up this article with this quote: “decision-making is not a rational process, but one driven mainly by how people feel”.

Tap into the power to persuade by using these 6 techniques of clear and compelling speech – IDEAS.TED.COM

You should check this out if you are interested in…improving your copy and your communication skills

Every point in this can also be applied to how you write and structure your copy. 

Take note of point #4 about metaphors and remember the wise words of Spiderman’s Uncle Ben: “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Will your marketing copy be perfect? – Lighthouse Proofreading

You should check this out if you are interested in…writing and the creative process

Content spoiler: the answer is no. 

I have a lot of opinions about folk’s obsessions with getting a piece of content “perfect”. 

But, I’ll keep them to a minimum here, but I will say let go of that as soon as possible. It will only hold you back. 

So, this blog by proofreader Lorraine Williams reveals some interesting insights from the world of proofreaders, which addresses the issue of perfection:

“The Society for Editors and Proofreaders doesn’t guarantee perfection. They expect an experienced proofreader that’s worked on already copy-edited text to find and appropriately deal with at least 80% of overall errors. That goes up to 90% for just the typos.”

I know this sounds like an excuse for me to make laosd of tpyos, but it’s not (honest!) It’s more about perfection being an excuse for never putting any content out there. Perfection can delay projects. You can make them good, make them do great things and they don’t have to be perfect.

I just started getting her newsletter too, which I recommend signing up for (you get a free proofreading checklist, isn’t that nice?)

And, finally…

THE CULTURE LIST 2018 – Delayed Gratification


Infographic: The culture list 2018 from Delayed Gratification, the Slow Journalism magazine.
Click here for zoomable version.

You should check this out if you are interested in…infographics!

I probably bang on about this magazine way too often, but I love it! OK? Especially for its infographics. Mmmm, infographics (don’t tell anyone that I said this, ok?)

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