Things you should check out – May 2019

Here are some things I’ve read, seen or listened to recently that I would recommend checking out:

‘Short-term targets create perverse incentives that hurt businesses’

Recommended if you’re interested in…challenging and thought-provoking ideas and business strategy.

I wish the world was a place where we didn’t have to remind people of this point.

So, many businesses are impatient.

And I get it. “Marketing” still sounds kind of cool, kind of shinny and new, so surely everyone’s going to come and check you out once you do it.

Except many business leaders forget that EVERYONE’s doing marketing now.

What doesn’t help is not understanding what you want out of the marketing mix that you’ve chosen.

But that’s a conversation for another day.

Talking of conversations…

On finding something to say

Recommended if you’re interested in…content marketing strategy, all the weird process that’s involved in creativity, anything that Seth Godin does or says.

There’s two schools of thought on content marketing: keep producing regularly or only produce when you ‘have something to say’.

I’m a little bit of both – not on the fence – I just believe there needs to be a good balance in between.

It’s probably because I think I have lots of things to say. But, also, because I have years of experience in dealing with the creative process, choosing ideas, running with ideas, etc.

If there’s one person who can talk on content marketing its Seth Godin, who has blogged everyday for 10 million years (in internet years, in human years like 10-15).

Sometimes his stuff is great, sometimes it’s OK, and sometimes I don’t get it. But because his blogs are short and sweet and consistently about trying to help people, I kind of forgive the odd nonsense piece.

Charlotte Rogers: Lush’s social media exodus is a risk too far

Recommended if you’re interested in…social media, marketing and society.

In my opinion, this was one of the most interesting marketing strategies as of late. We marketing folks love bigging up social media despite knowing the social and political issues it’s causing.

This was a brave move, one that I appreciate but am still unsure of. But I’m excited to see how it pans out for a big, social-conscious brand like Lush as it could really pay off.

Recommended if you’re interested in…people talking about copywriting and marketing with British accents.

There’s so much great marketing advice and commentary out there but it’s often American stuff. So, it’s reassuring to hear from people in your country too.

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