Things you should check out – March 2019

Here are some things I’ve read, seen or listened to recently that I would recommend checking out:

Why business jargon isn’t all bad – Harvard Business Review

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I work hard to keep my copy jargon-free. Sometimes you can’t escape it.  And as this article points out sometimes jargon is quite useful, and also linguistically interesting.

You can walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, but still won’t agree  – Oliver Burkeman, Guardian

This guy is like an anti-self-help writer. I like reading his stuff. He takes a stoic and nuanced approach to self-improvement, unlike many self-proclaimed gurus etc

This article offers some useful points and identifies the challenges to using empathy in communication and persuasion.

Why I hate meetings – and how to make them better – BBC News


I hate meetings. I especially hate meetings that have obviously organised to make someone look busy. It’s not productive. It’s not work.

This article offers some genuinely useful policies for meetings that EVERYONE should read.

CTRL, ALT, DELETE Podcast with Seth Godin – Emma Gannon

I’ve only just started listening to this podcast. It’s brilliant. Emma who hosts it always gets excited about every guest she interviews. You can tell it’s genuine too.

This episode packs in a lot of great ideas about creating things and building an audience. But it’s not surprise considering that the guest is pretty well-known marketing dude Seth Godin.

CTRL, ALT, DELETE Podcast: #74 Seth Godin (On Educating Yourself)

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