Things you should check out – July 2019

Check out these blogs and prepare for your mind to be blow

Things you should check out – July 2019

I missed last month as I had my head down writing some big, technical white papers and focusing on some professional development. This included finishing off online courses in Digital Media Analytics, Intercultural Branding and Logical and Critical Thinking. Oh, and I revised my digital marketing knowledge by finishing off Google’s free Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Course.

Anyway, enough about me. Here’s some good stuff for YOU to check out.

The Guardian’s ‘Experience’ Column

You should check this out if you are interested in…storytelling and people’s amazing lives.

You should particularly read the one called ‘I killed my classmate with a javelin‘, which does sound like a Take a Break headline, but is actually a very thoughtful and sombre piece of writing. And just a crazy, crazy story.

The Mindfulness Conspiracy – The Guardian

You should check this out if you are interested in…critical analysis of PR and trends

Mindfulness has turned into a bit of buzzword but also a silver bullet that people believe can cure all issues and evils. This long read breaks a lot of this down and will definitely make you act more mindful about trending topics.

How to Overcome the Bias We Have Toward Our Own Ideas – Harvard Business Review

You should check this out if you are interested in…effective creativity and group brainstorming

Bad group brainstorming is a pet peeve of mine. I find people who think that getting a group of heads in a room will magically solve problems very annoying.

It doesn’t. it’s ineffective. But this piece of research looks at a fascinating aspect of it – the bias towards our own ideas. Just, read it. Then stop booking in group brainstorming sessions. Please, for the love of creativity.

The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast 

You should check this out if you are interested in…the creative process and how people create ‘content’

I actually picked up this podcast recently after not listening for years. It’s brilliant. It goes into a lot of detail and is fascinating if you’re interested in creativity and comedy.

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