Things you should check out – Aug 2019

Summer reading time

Things you should check out – Aug 2019

Here are a 3 things I would highly recommend you check out (and one bonus thing for a bit of fun!).

I was on holiday last month and working on bigger projects. But I still managed to find time to scour some great titbits of online content.

These are mostly thought-provoking reads, but there’s a couple of fun things in there (I mean, I found them fun. But I find weird and boring things fun, so don’t take my word for it).

The Guardian’s ‘Experience’ Column

You should check this out if you are interested in…storytelling and people’s amazing lives.

I only discovered this long-running regular feature after reading “I killed my classmate with a javelin on sports day”.  It’s like reading a new memoir every week, check it out.

“James Bond’s latest repositioning should be a lesson to all brands looking to keep relevant in a new era”

You should check this out if you are interested in…brand strategy

Mark Ritson often cuts the crap when it comes to talking about marketing and branding. Annoyingly, this article is now behind a magical (and expensive) paywall but here’s a brief snippet:

“There is a good lesson here for marketers. As a brand ages, a marketer’s attempts to continue with the same tactics often ultimately render it inconsistent to its brand position. Time is a deceptive mistress…almost imperceptibly, brands are caught out by shifts in culture, competition and taste.

“Times change, and brands – at least the ones that want to make it to their 100th birthday and beyond – must learn to remain true to their identity, but they must change and then change again. Live and then let die, as someone once wisely suggested.”

James Bond’s latest repositioning is a lesson to brands looking to adapt to a new era

I was Insta-famous and it was one of the worst things to happen in my 20s

You should check this out if you are interested in…social media & marketing strategy

Thanks to the Fyre Festival documentary other scandals, marketers are starting to doubt and critically evaluate the effectiveness of “influencer marketing”.

Is it really a sustainable way to do marketing? Can it actually last as a “thing”? And to quote Helen Lovejoy: “Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children?”

This thought-provoking and personal piece should really push you to rethink your choice to pursue “influencer marketing”.

And, finally a blast from the past:

Why the green great dragon can’t exist

You should check this out if you are interested in…copywriting and nerdy word stuff

Ever wondered why a sentence you just said or wrote sounds a little wrong?

It might because you’ve put your adjectives in the wrong order. Have a look and see what you think.

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