Cool content for you to check out this December

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“You’re right! This content is super cool!”

If you’re interested in marketing, copywriting & creativity, here are 3 pieces of content I think you will enjoy (and one that’s a gamble).

To write well, you’ve got to read well. Which is why, every month, I read A LOT of stuff. 

It helps me to keep up with trends and changes. But also to improve my writing and content. 

There’s a lot of stuff out there, so I only share stuff I think you will either a) find useful b) put a smile on your face. 

I hope you get something out of this. If you’re hungry for more, you’re more than welcome to check out some past recommendations.



Inquiry almost never belongs in a presentation” – Seth Godin’s Blog

Check this out if you are interested in…marketing strategy and some tidbits of insight into the creative process

There are four reasons why you should read this.

  1. It’s short. Like really short. 
  2. It will remind you of a fundamental point when it comes to presenting or producing something. Sometimes we easily forget this kind of stuff.
  3. He uses stand up comedy as one of his examples, which I love. 
  4. He takes a cheeky swing at Elon Musk.

“How to Write a Blog Post That Ranks High” – Orbit Media

Check this out if you are interested in…a full blown exploration of the creative process in producing content

This is a long-form blog post + a 25 min video which speeds up the process (great to watch if you want to spice up your lunch break). 

Both the blog and video will reveal all the gory details about the process of creating and writing a strong piece of content. 

Send this to your clients. Send this to your boss. 

It will help them to understand how much work goes into producing content. And, it will help them to understand that a better piece of work always tops more pieces of work.


“Are We Making SEO Too Complicated?” – Moz Blog

Check this out if you are interested in…actually wrapping your head around this crazy thing called SEO

The quick answer is…yes, sort of. 

We all love to complicate stuff, because often because stuff is complicated. But, we often need to remember that the overall goal or purpose of stuff e.g. SEO, is usually quite simple. 

But that doesn’t mean that SEO is simple. If you get what I mean? (I have no idea either!)

Anyway, take a look. It always helps to simplify a technical topic.


And, finally…

Derren Brown on The Adam Buxton Podcast

Check this out if you are interested in…psychology and magic and all that weird stuff

Love him or hate him, Derren Brown isn’t boring. He’s done lots of interesting work in his time and if you’re interested in psychology (which you probably will be if you’re in the interesting marketing or creativity) it’s always worth hearing him chat about things. 

In an hour, this podcast covers a lot of territory – creating live shows and magic, memory techniques, happiness, life and death. 

Be ready to take notes. 

(If you can’t find this on your favourite podcast app, try this soundcloud link)

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