(This one is called ‘pensive man drinks expensive coffee’)

Here’s 5 things I’m doing now…

(Updated 16.08.19)

  • Content – creating content for a small UK manufacturer + consulting with a couple of entrepreneurs to help develop their own content and writing style. I’m open to new projects so drop us a line if you are:
    • a marketing agency who wants to work with a versatile creative copywriter and content marketer
    • an SME looking to boost its content marketing strategy + create content for you
    • an entrepreneur/ solo professional who’s looking for someone to bounce ideas with and encourage you to develop your own content
  • Creativity Workshops – running creative run workshops  – last month I ran my first solo workshop on building creative confidence with improv with a health research organisation and everyone loved it – including me! This month I ran a creative writing workshop for a groovy arts festival in Manchester. I’m now looking to help others who run workshops to build my skills and experience. Right now I’m only asking for expenses (petrol, parking and coffee) as I build my skills. Let me know if you need a helping hand.
  • Development – focusing my development solely on understanding and managing finance, both for personal and professional purposes. NEXT MONTH: I’m going to pick back up the rote learning of classic copywriting.
  • Events – Booking and promoting my monthly comedy night and arranging upcoming Bettakultcha events in Leeds and York (I’m looking for speakers to do 5min talks by the way)
  • Fitting in more creative ME time* – I FINALLY restrung my guitar after months and I’m picking up a few songs, as well as practising finger picking techniqes. I’m also doing more creative writing working on a very silly book idea I’ve had for years. Oh, and going for walks in the day. When you work from home most of the time you need to make yourself go out and about!

*I know there’s a better term for what I’m trying to say here, but it’s not worth spending 45 mins looking for the right term – you and I get the idea and this isn’t high stakes content you are reading right here.

What do I do?

I am a…

…B2B Copywriter and Content Specialist

I work with many different folks and it’s fun. Here are the kind of things I can help you with:

  • Write blogs, e-books, white papers, social content for your brand (or your clients)
  • Develop fresh copy for your website and conversion copy for landing pages and campaigns
  • Advise you on your content strategy (doesn’t matter if you don’t have one or aren’t sure what one really is, I’m happy to help)
  • Consult with you on pieces you’ve started working on or with pieces you would like to develop

If you want to chat about it, just get in touch now. And check out some of past pieces of work here.

…Events Organiser and Compere

I co-organise & host Bettakultcha events and run Comedy Cask, a comedy night at Crowd of Favours in Leeds (every last Thurs of the month). I used to compere a monthly open mic called WordSpace, which I felt deserved a shout out here.

…Street Art Enthusiast 

I take pictures of street art and graffiti sometimes and post them on Instagram. It’s fun.