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You’re more than welcome to keep looking around. Let me know if you have any questions.

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(P.S. I know what you’re thinking – is “bear with me” right? Check out for yourself.)

Here’s what I do…

✏️ Marketing Copywriter – I write words and create content

💡 Creative Consultant – I build people’s creative confidence

🎙️ Event Compere – I put on gigs and also host them

Struggling for the right words?

In other words, I write words. Those words can be for…

…your blog or website so folks can learn “who” you are

…your social media or mailing list so they get “what” you do

case studies, white papers, e-books or a press release, so they know “why” you’re worth their time

If you’re looking for more of that, then I’m glad you’re checking out this.

Whether you are…

  • an SME who wants to stand out from your rivals
  • a marketing agency looking for an extra pair of fast typing hands
  • or a recruiter who needs another reliable pro on the books…

…you can email me now at lewisking744@gmail.com.

Just put “Let’s chat” in the subject and I’ll know you’re eager to talk.

Err, who is Lewis King?

Lewis King leans outside mulling over some ideas
This one is called “pensive man drinks expensive coffee”

If there’s one person that can make something as dull as roof tile sound unique and interesting, it’s Lewis.” Lisa, Senior Communications Officer of a Yorkshire University

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lewis on a variety of digital projects. I’m always impressed by the enthusiasm he displays when tackling a project, and the research he puts into all his work.” James Ross Design

Lewis is a former marketing agency copywriter and university communications manager.


He is also known for organising and hosting Bettakultcha events and Comedy Cask, a comedy night at Crowd of Favours in Leeds (every last Thurs of the month).

Here’s 5 things I’m doing now…

(Updated 04.11.19)

  • OPEN TO NEW Content & Copy Projects + Creative Content Coaching & Consulting to help YOU develop your own content and writing style drop us a line if you are:
    • a marketing agency who wants to work with a versatile creative copywriter and content marketer
    • an SME looking to boost its content marketing strategy (I create content for you, so you can focus on what you’re good at!)
    • an entrepreneur/ solo professional who’s looking for someone to bounce ideas with and encourage you to develop your own content
  • Creativity Workshops – I’m looking to run more workshops for the public and for organisations on creative writing, copywriting & content and also developing group creativity and brainstorming!
  • Development – I’m currently doing a couple of online courses, one on “The Power of Brands” and one on “Creative Problem Solving”.
  • Events – I’m booking the last of my monthly comedy night for this year and arranging upcoming Bettakultcha events in Leeds and York (I’m looking for speakers to do 5min talks by the way)
  • Creative time – attempting that NaNoWriMo thing that kids love doing.