3 Things to Read to Boost your Creative Confidence

Two young folks bravely reading outside
Are you brave enough to read these?

Are you brave enough? Here are 3 pieces of content for creatively courageous people.

To write well, you’ve got to read well. Which is why, every month, I read A LOT of stuff. 

Here are a few favourites from the last month or so. 

If you’re interested in marketing, copywriting & creativity, you will get something valuable out of these:


A survey of 20,000 creatives suggests brainstorming is a giant waste of time” – Quartz at Work

You might hate this. 

It challenges something that many people love: brainstorming. 

But, it turns out that many creative professionals (such as myself) are a little conflicted about this creative method. 

I recommend you read the full article, it’s only a 2 min read. 

It clarifies that brainstorming is not entirely useless. But it gives plenty of good reasons why we all need to break out of our “instinct to schedule brainstorming meetings”.

I have also shared further thoughts on my blog, if you’re killing time.


“Where are the weirdos in advertising?” – The Uninvisibility Project

This really spoke to me.

I may not be its intended audience, but it is worth a read. 

A bold piece that slates the creative industries problem with conformity, which seriously affects creativity.  

WARNING: If you can’t stomach “political stuff”, steer clear. 

Here is a brief example: 

“These days most agency creative departments aren’t scary, truly diverse, or even have a door. They are blank spaces filled with rows and rows of exhausted and affluent young people searching for ideas online too frightened to fight for their concepts for fear of losing a job they had to fight tooth and nail to get in the first place.”


Do You Really Trust Your Team? (And Do They Trust You?) – Harvard Business Review

Trust is a confusing topic. 

It’s vague and wishy-washy, yet fundamental to working effectively with people. 

Fortunately, some clever folks have collated together some solid pointers. Unlike a lot of tips out there, these are actually useful and thought-provoking ideas to help you improve trust and team collaboration. 

You could almost use it as a checklist. 

If in doubt, refer to the wisdom of Michael Scott. 


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